Windows always trust software

I installed some hardware on Windows 7 Pro, and clicked the " Always trust drivers from. I have checked " Always trust software" and selected install, but I continue to get the same prompt. What this does is place a certificate in the local computers certificate store that will rid future installs from Novell of this dialogue. Name/ Publisher, that does contains a checkbox " always trust software from " xxx" and install button. All works well except the Windows Security popup dialog asks for " Always trust software from xxxx".
Nobody will click the. However, now I want to disable this, i. Autoitinfo doesn' t see it. I have installed the cert for this publisher, but Windows does not care. I can' t get how to check this checkbox. I' ve probably hit " Always trust software" and " install" at least 20 times during installation of this one program, but the same problem continues.
This software install six drivers so I would really need to check this box. I want to be prompted again. Windows always trust software. As said I hava a headless system. I have a program that I have used for over a year on Windows XP, and that I consequently trust without any question.
" checkbox before installing. The solution is quite simple. Then I installed the certificate of the TrustedPublisher on the cert manager. Under Windows 7 RC, it must be run as an administrator ( possibly related to use of serial ports), or it does not operate properly.

Using a VM or a system for testing, install the software and check off " Always Trust software from [ Publisher] ". Finally I tried to install the driver.

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