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Use this approach to model construction sequences, establish initial conditions, perform sensitivity analyses, model complex time sequences, or simply decompose a complex problem into a number of smaller, more manageable analyses. You can also use it for the analysis of confined and unconfined steady- state seepage problems, of linear- elastic settlement and stress distribution problems, for tracking contaminants within the ground water flow, for the analysis of freeze- thaw problems and for 1D vadose zone and soil cover. The GeoStudio Student Edition is a free product designed as an aid to learning geotechnical numerical modeling. A GEOSLOPE perpetual license enables you to make a one- time payment and then use the software in the version purchased for an unlimited length of time.

The integrated GeoStudio software suite enables you to combine multiple analyses using different products into a single modeling project. By acquiring GEOSLOPE' s geotechnical engineering software products, you are joining practicing engineers, university professors, regulators, researchers and students in more than 100 countries. Software geoslope. CAD gradient stability software to calculate the coefficients of land and stone confidence.

It is an ideal teaching tool for university professors both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The software contains limited versions of all eight products: SLOPE/ W, SEEP/ W, SIGMA/ W, QUAKE/ W, TEMP/ W, CTRAN/ W, AIR/ W and VADOSE/ W. The early 1980s made it economically viable to develop commercial software products based on these techniques, and the ready availability today of such software products has led to the routine use of limit equilibrium stability analysis in geotechnical engineering practice. A GEOSLOPE subscription license enables you to lease the GeoStudio software for one- month or one- year terms. GEOSLOPE GeoStudio Features.

Effective analysis of simple and complex problems for surface slipping, pore pressure conditions, soil properties, analysis methods and loading conditions. GeoStudio is a program designed for solving slope stability and related geotechnical analyses.

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